Current Customers

To all our current customers, first and foremost, thank you for your service to

our country.  Secondly, thanks for your patronage.  We genuinely hope that

the service we provide is helpful to you, as it is designed exclusively for your

benefit. Where it can be improved, please do provide feedback to that effect.


The lease payments you provide keep us in business and enable us to

provide a quality service to your future colleagues.  On-time payments are

very important in this regard.  In an attempt to make this essential step as

easy as possible, we have setup an online payment feature accessible on

the Payments page.  As always, you can mail your payment if you prefer.


As specified in our lease agreement, it is your responsibility to keep us

apprised of any changes in the contact information which you have provided.

This can be carried out with a mailed letter or an email.  Alternatively, you

can update your account information on the Update page.



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